2014 CAMEROON Building Project
...The God of heaven, He will prosper us, therefore we His
servants will arise and build...and they said let us rise up and
build, so they strengthen their hands for this good
                             Nehemiah 2:20(b), 2;18(b)  

Apostle Albert John William, having received the
Lord at age 9, started full time ministry at the
age of 15. Pastor William have been long time
trying to finish his church building; 10 years to
be exact! Pastor William is now 36.

After looking through Pastor William Face Book
profile photos late one night, early the next
morning the Holy Spirit set before me the
photo image of his church building (photo top
right) and proceeded to overshadow me and
prompt  me to help Pastor William finish his
church building with Fund Raisers! I knew this
was the Lord impressing me, but because there
was no writing under the photo of the building, I
needed to find out for sure this was 'his' church
building indeed, also that it's still unfinished and
any other information I could know.

This is how 2014 CAMEROON Building Project
(Africa) came about! Of course I discretely asked
questions and later told Pastor William what the
Lord have prompted me to do. Pastor William
was very excited to hear the news and that God
had  remembered him to finish the work on the

My name is Pastor Sarah Ashe, and I have
changed my whole website
(SarahAsheMinistries.org) for these few months
just to promote and to do what God have said.

We are planning to raise at least $10,000 and
have numerous Fund Raising Projects to help
bring in the necessary funds to get Cameroon
Fire Ministry International Church building

Please see the other pages and help be apart of
these EVENTS! Then ask the Lord what shall you
give or how you may assist to help us see
Cameroon Fire Ministry International Church
building completed.

In His love,

Pastor Sarah Ashe
Pastor Albert John William
                       Fund Raising Ideals

1)  We need 2,000 persons to
Sow a Seed of $5
    each, then we will reach our $10,000 goal over    
    these next three months.

 Lakeland is SPONSORING a Run-a-Thon!
    Please pick up a Sponsor Sheet or Sponsor
    someone. ONLY need 50 persons to
    reach the $10,000 goal (see info).

   Visit the
'Seed Sowing' and 'Reports' page
                      for other events.
Cameroon Fire Ministry
International Church
Cameroon Fire Ministry
International Church
Pastor Albert William
Pastor William
Pastor William
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Fund Raiser Dates
June 25th - September 25th
-------- $51   6/25/14......Need 1,990 more Persons
                                     left to give only $5.     
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